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Risk analytics for the wealth and investment management industry

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Agile Financial Insights (AFI) is a new global financial technology company focused on delivering insightful risk analytics to the private wealth and fund management sector. We help clients understand overall and embedded risk more effectively.

Our portal delivers insights derived from the industry’s broadest and most comprehensive wealth management repositories. This includes a wide range of analytical tools that track multi-risk exposures and customizable benchmarking tools to compare a broad range of risk and performance-related drivers for investment and retirement portfolios.

Flexible & Intuitive Analytics

AFI’s flexible and intuitive analytics platform enables clients to select the right models for specific investment needs.

  • Drag and drop charts
  • Risk model choices
  • Scenario Analysis
  • Stress Testing

What We Do

AFI offers customisable, interactive data visuals to assist in exploring and explaining performance, trends, liquidity and risk factors.

Ex Ante & Ex Post Risk Modeling

AFI can apply historical and forward-looking risk measures that help clients assess risk on multiple levels and provide the insights to make portfolio adjustments.

Risk Attribution Analysis – Ex Ante

Risk Attribution Analysis – Ex Ante

Risk Attribution Analysis – Ex-Post

Risk Attribution Analysis – Ex-Post

Portfolio Weight and Attribution

Clients can understand portfolio construction and asset selection decisions. Analysis can be made at the asset class, sector, industry level down to the individual security level.

Clients can also study the amount of risk required to achieve historical returns ensuring risk guideline adherance and benchmark tracking visibility.

Portfolio Active Weight

Portfolio Active Weight

Risk Attributon (%)

Risk Attributon (%) Analysis

Country and Currency

Regional, Country and Currency exposures and attributions can be analysed in significant detail. Understanding geographical and currency risk will be critical in protecting portfolio performance and inform future performance opportunities.

Global Asset Distribution Analysis

Scenario & Stress Analysis

AFI models the impact on portfolios of historical and/or customized stress factors, including oil price movements, equity market shifts, and sovereign debt crises.

Results model potential outcomes and gauge worse-case scenarios to your portfolios.

Scenario Analysis

Scenario Analysis

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